My life in haiku



Here Jane talks about what is close to my heart, haiku.

Please watch this vid, you will understand where I am coming from.

So, what makes a haiku is not counting syllables it is how you present it. I want you to See what I saw, to experience what I experienced.

Try and keep your haiku short, to be spoken or read in one breath. Try and use concrete images and avoid metaphors and similes.

Some haiku


door slightly ajar
letting in flies and a
slice of moonlight

after the divorce
the rattle
of empty hangers

a white daisy
just a white daisy until
the red dragonfly

wild flowers
up to my knees
in moonlight

A cascade
of wild flowers
at my feet

Mom’s pictures
not knowing at first
a youthful me

after the bar
the drunks lean into a
non-existing wind